600 ΛΙΤΡΩΝ 1525.00- 1 ΤΟΝΟΥ 1818.00- 2 ΤΟΝΩΝ 2131.00 30 ΤΟΝΩΝ 2460.00- 60 ΤΟΝΩΝ 2712.00 ΘΑΛΑΜΟΙ 600 ΛΙΤΡΩΝ 880- 1 ΤΟΝΟΥ 1030 - 2 ΤΟΝΩΝ 1180.00 ThegardenconceptSpecifications Agriculture Copper Ion Generator Agriculture Water Treatment Agriculture Irrigation Agriculture Electrostatic Spray Agricultural Water Treatment Systems The AgroHalc, is a unique system that control diseases, providing ecological benefits in the Agriculture area. The systems disperse positive charged Cu ions in the water and reduce chemicals. The ions are non-toxic, stable unaffected by water quality, heat or sunlight, can be used at any step of Agriculture. The AgroHalc is environmentally safe, provide greater product adhesion, reduces drift, descales equipment and offer the user fast pay back. Positive copper ions charge water droplets and attracted from all negative charged as is leaves, products, and bacteria. The positive ions form electrostatic bonds with the negative microorganisms crossing the cell membrane and start the inactivation process. Reduce bacteria, fungus and algae. Reduce descaling from the irrigation systems. The unit saves time of labor due to non-corrosive ions and scaling reduction. Save money due to reduce the amount of chemicals. A low amount of DC Volts applied on the special designed chamber and when water pass through that electrode chamber copper ions emit in the water. Spraying with AgroHalc water produced a thin charged mist and charged droplets physically attracted and adhered to objects.
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